#126 YouTube Car Repair: The Do’s & The Don’ts -Eric the Car Guy

Whether you have looked for a how to video of broken stuff around the house, like a toilet or a particular pesky stove problem–or a brand new purchase of your favorite new camera unboxing and instructional video —CAR REPAIR may ALSO be one of those categories that you may have had some YouTube guidance from time to time.

If you’ve searched the INTERNETS AND the YOUTUBES, you more than likely have run across a very popular car care channel and a very helpful Eric The Car Guy. With hundreds of videos detailing vehicle repairs and with over one million subscribers –Eric stops by the show this week to discuss why & how he started as well as an incredible resource for many who are doing their best to fix their vehicles. We discuss the repairs that you should completely stay away from , why your future may be brighter than you think in a career as a professional mechanic and the popular repairs that your requesting.

We explore one of the top YOUTUBE car care channels on this weeks WrenchNation show.


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