#132 Road Trip Tips

There are approximately 4,000,000,000 miles of vast roadways in the U.S. and many vehicles will be set to travel across these arteries of freeways and highways during a record breaking holiday travel season.

The ability to stride worry free through a small road trip of 300 miles or a long distance 1000 miles plus road trip is truly dependent on how reliable your vehicle is and what shape it is in. How will you know beforehand that mechanically all systems are a go and stress free from a disastrous roadside breakdown.

On this edition of the show we dedicate time revealing the real world scenarios of how to avoid some the most common vehicle failures , how to prepare beforehand without breaking the bank account , and offer a common sense approach about when it may be time to just rent a vehicle and avoid the risk when repair bills can skyrocket with special guest Greg Buckley of Buckley’s Auto Care Wilmington, Delaware.

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