Junkyard Dogs

When we think of Junkyards, most of us think of a place that is literally filled with heaps of garbage and wasted memories. The fact is the recycling end of vehicles is an amazing part of keeping our planet clean and green!

Join me as I take a trip over to an old friend, Richie Rich $$$. An eclectic vehicle recycling veteran, who has just about anything on wheels and the multiple parts from them to recycle and sell off from his paradise of a “Junk Yard”.

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  1. Some of the pitfalls even from transmissions from an insurance pool is that when warranty is concerned often times that doesn’t mean labor reimbursement. I would disagree that this is a good option for a little more step up to a full rebuild at a good shop and get a nationwide part and labor warranty for multi year. No brainer. I agree recycled parts are the way to save on body parts, rims, stupid parts what I call parts that don’t need lubrication that does not happen sitting on a dusty shelf. The best way to recycle is to rebuild that transmission and or engine etc. Stupid parts yes save some dough even those hard to find or discontinued parts. jmo bro

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