Garage Challenge: How To Handle Reviews

It can be so frustrating when you get a bad review & don’t have an opportunity to correct. This week’s garage challenge question ~ How are you handling these type of #reviews? Remember to stay tuned as we connect with @Larry Witherspoon Jr of the Automotive Training Center
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  1. Love this!!! How do you get rid of a bad review? I’ve been trying to get rid of bad reviews for a long time!

    • John,

      That is a HUGE question —IT IS critical that you really answer all reviews ,especially those that may not be pretty–and more importantly understand that these are great growing points for your business-no matter how bad the review is -=there is something to learn and grow from here.

      Additionally –knowing as soon as possible ( set alerts) about a bad review and making a phone call sooner than later is important. Be transparent about any shortcomings and remember most folks would like the opportunity for you to get it right with a second attempt at correcting.

      Lastly–I am not an advocate for hiring out to completely WASH away bad reviews –if your serious about growing your business –handle your business professionally , make your mistakes and learn from them –glowing reviews will eventually overtake the bad ones.

      Good luck here my friend-Frank

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