Wrench Nation Podcasts 
Frank Leutz was born in Frankfurt, Germany and grew up in Washington Heights, NYC (just N of Harlem). He became an accomplished trombonist with multiple appearances at Carnegie Hall performing with greats Dizzy Gillespie, Tito Puente, Dave Valentine, Branford Marsalis, Lionel Hampton, as a jazz\salsa musician with the McDonalds Tri-State Jazz band. Frank traveled the world serving in the Navy and in 1990 entered the profession of auto industry as a mechanic.

Years of experience led to the opening of Desert Car Care of Chandler in 2004, a top three percent national gross revenue shop, with award winning service and affiliations. Desert Car Care expanded to a second location in 2009 in Gilbert and a third location in Gilbert in 2012. Those locations were sold in 2013 and Frank found a way to fill up that space. He became the Phoenix Director of the Automotive Service Association. He also travels to various locations in the State of Arizona to provide workshops.

Since 2012, Frank has become a local media expert in the Phoenix Metro area appearing on all the local TV stations educating and providing insight to viewers on all things automotive.

Frank’s business model is built on the passion for its teams and the community it serves. This is the driving force of the success. Growing a small business, has enabled him to funnel time and money back to the community, as he believes it is business to business, neighbor to neighbor that will prevail.